Greenville Music Preservation works to collect, archive, and present the music history of Greenville, SC – revealing and celebrating our community’s unique cultural identity.


GMP will provide a comprehensive archive and database of music artists, organizations, and recordings from Greenville, SC, (early 1800’s to 2000).

GMP will help sustain the growth of community among Greenville’s musicians and music-lovers by producing content and programming for schools, festivals, museums, and online platforms which focus specifically on this region’s history.
While focusing on Greenville, SC. surrounding areas will be included for historical context.

GMP aims to increase public awareness of Greenville’s music heritage through a variety of means; restaurant playlists and wall art, displays in libraries, airports, and other public spaces.

GMP highly values the work of those organizations who already have music preservation and local history within their mission. We therefore seek to create partnerships and offer supplementary materials in an effort to make connections to local history.

David Sims

President, Producer

Jack Hines

Vice President, Head Writer

Bo Pinkley


Tez Sherard

Board Member

Eddie Howard

Board Member

Joe Shirley

Board Member