Joseph Floyd Edge was known professionally as Don Dudley. He was a songwriter, a producer, a disk jockey, and a musician. He produced country, rock and roll, gospel, and soul records. He also played a foundational role in the early days of Mark V Studios.

The United House of Prayer for All People brings believers into worshipful accord with a completely unique style of music. GMP went to church one Sunday to meet Elder Mitchell Dillard and learn about the church and its influence on one of Greenville's most accomplished musicians, Mitchell's brother Moses Dillard.

GMP goes inside Greenville’s Sound of the South studio to see how country pickers and the classically trained came together to make this studio a commercial powerhouse, with a band that changed the sound of southern gospel music.

Flip through the program for the 1965 american folk music & blues tour of the united kingdom. two of the seven artists are from greenville - josh white and rev. gary davis.