GMP is proud to introduce its first generation of programming!

linda rodney award
for musical excellence

Congratulations to 2023 Winner Steve Watson! Another congrats is in order for the winners of the new Linda Rodney Impact Award, SC Venue Crises! GMP is proud to sponsor of the annual Linda Rodney Award for Music Excellence. The award is presented to a local musician on on the Furman Jazz & Blues Stage of Fall for Greenville each year. A special performance precedes the award ceremony, featuring current musicians playing songs from some of Greenville's great artists of the past.

The gmp mobile education display

We are proud to announce the debut of our mobile exhibit, currently at the Greenville County Fine Arts Center. We can't think of a more perfect partner to have for the debut, where arts students can browse a unique and surprising music history that's right in their back yard. This six-panel display uses core genres to explore key performers, songs, labels, studios, radio stations, and venues that emerged throughout Greenville's history. Like most of GMP's archive, this display focuses on highlights from Greenville's beginning (c. 1820s) to the end of the 20th century. This exhibit will travel to schools and other locations all over Greenville County for years to come, If you would like to help us sustain this exhibit, please click the link below.

programming categories

live events

Heritage concerts, festivals, and shindigs. GMP aims to create several live events each year.


Mobile and long-term exhibits for schools, museums, public space, libraries, airports, and other locations


GMP aims to send artists to schools, grades K - College, to demonstrate music from our history and relate it to the present. We also plan on creating scholarships in the future.

monthly + weekly content

Each month we will produce a new podcast episode, along with articles on parallel subjects. Each week will feature a song, artist, or story.