Take a look at the career of local blues legend Mac Arnold, featuring an interview with the man himself!


An interview with Emile Pandolfi, who moved to Greenville at age 9, beginning a career that would span the globe and produce over 30 records .


Take a deep dive into Mark V! From 1961 - 1990, this studio was a nationally respected producer of music for many labels and artists.


Jazz legend Charlie Spivak moved to Greenville in 1967 to become the featured act at Ye Olde Fireplace throughout the 1970s.


An exploration of all things music in 1921, Greenville, SC - including early composers, stores, and venues.

Josh White Dedication

Featuring a special performance by Josh White Jr. at the dedication at Falls Park Dr. on October 9, 2022.

The Listening Room Vol. 1

We sit down with music historian Hunter Holmes to listen to some 78s of local artists from the 1920's and 30's.

Textile Bands

We chat with local mill historian Don Koonce and sit in on a rehearsal of the Greenville Textile Heritage Band.


The man, the myth, the Magnificent Malochi. An unsung force in early Rock n Roll. Featuring an interview with Miriam Linna.

The Memorial Auditorium

The beloved Greenville institution gets a closer look, featuring interviews with former staff, artists, and fans.

The 1800's

A look at the forces that shaped Greenville's artistic landscape, featuring interviews with John Nolan, Jay Spivey, & Dr. Thomas Strange.

The Grand Opera House

Greenville's first major venue, bringing national acts to the region from 1901 to 1923.


A brief explanation of the project and how the Greenville Music History Podcast came into being.

josh white

A look at the life and career of Josh White, featuring an interview with his son, Josh White Jr.