Darryl Massey recorded a handful of singles at Greenville’s Mark V Studios through the late 1960’s and early ’70’s. Through a promotional contract with the great Acuff-Rose agency, he was able to tour throughout the Southeast during this time, appearing on bills with the country stars of the day; Roger Miller, Johnny Paycheck, Pete Drake. 

His career was cut short by a debilitating accident at his day-job when a car fell from a lift and trapped him beneath, leaving Massey bed-ridden for two years. This period of recuperation halted the momentum of his professional music career. But Massey continues to play and perform today. He and his pianist partner, Joe Hill, still get together at Hill’s home and for the occasional gig, and Massey leads the music for his church


live recordings

Darryl Massey and Joe Hill perform “I Can See”, by Massey at Hill’s home in Easley, SC. November 17, 2021