Emile Pandolfi moved from brooklyn, NY to greenville with his family at the age of 9. just five years later Emile would get to play with the greenville symphony orchestra and eventually go to furman university. emile has played all over the world and recorded over 350 on 30 albums, his arrangement of "once upon a december" from the 2005 film anastasia has been streamed over 70 million times. a popular performer, emile can be seen in concert and online. His latest book, "Play it like you mean it" is a career-spanning look at lessons learned on the road, in the studio, and as a working artist.

His most recent project is the book Play It Like You Mean It: Supercharge Your Playing and Let Your Piano Work for You. A light-hearted and humorous guide for pianists from amateur to professional, Play It Like You Mean It shares Emile’s holistic philosophy harmonizing method and mindset to help pianists communicate through every chord and resonate more passionately with listeners, while bringing more joy to the daily practice of music. He also maintains an active global travel schedule, hosting a small group of fans on international luxury tours each year. Each trip includes intimate performances in concert halls and historic venues. "